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Help Co

An App for emergencies

This project is born as a necessity for all, where what is prioritized is the rapid transfer of information between the user and the emergency systems, instantly sharing the basic medical data of the user, as well as name, language, residence, contacts of urgency, etc. while the locator is running which sends this data to mobile emergency services, and audio / video communication is activated between the affected and the emergency service intercom, and in this way to be able to better evaluate the severity of the situation.




Medical Service


Corporate image

Creation of corporate image taking into account the practicality of the product, and using striking shapes and colors to be easily found among the rest of the apps.


Visual material

Development of diverse visual material to be able to show the usability of these in the different recruitment campaigns.


Material for presentations

Creation of different presentation documents for the search of sponsors.

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Date October 20, 2019

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