Digital Marketing Strategist & Video production

Digital Marketing Strategist & Video production

Design and integral production of spaces and events
Ingevents offers comprehensive services of space design, communication and concept and global event development. A multidisciplinary team that integrates engineers, architects, production technicians and audiovisual development and journalists, among other profiles, approaches the projects from all possible approaches, and according to the needs of the client and the particularities of their specific sector.


Digital Marketing Strategist & Video production

Ingeniería de Eventos S.L.

General proposal
Comprehensive management of the marketing department, with different national and international accounts of a B2B nature.

01 Communication
Direct connection with companies to meet their needs and maintain an effective connection with their development and strategic marketing departments.

02 Strategies
Creation of digital marketing strategies adapted to each of the companies and their interests.

03 Video content
Management and global production of video pieces under the indications set out in each strategic marketing plan