Common System for the Promotion of the Natural Ecosystem of the Campiña de Jerez

Art Director · Digital Marketing Strategist

The “Common System for the Promotion of the Natural Ecosystem of the Campiña de Jerez" aims to catalog and integrate all the sustainable and agroecological tourism offer of rural areas of the region and disseminate it to make it available to citizens and tourists, in an orderly and visually appealing. The development of the sector related to organic production, sustainable tourism and the values associated with nature is pursued with this.


Art Director

Branding Box – Jerez Sostenible

General proposal
The importance of bringing the audience closer to the advantages of connecting with small producers in the Jerez area, who base their work on conservation, crafts, organic farming and caring for the environment. After this proposal to connect producers with the marketing platform (B2B) the next step is to market their products and services to the final audience (B2C)

01 WP & SEO review
General optimization of the company website and SEO reorganization

02 Social Media
Review and optimization of their social networks as well as the connection of APIs

03 Analytics
Review and management of protocols for Google Ads, search and renewal of keywords, management of ads, analysis of sersults and proposals for improvement.