by José María Gallardo Del Rey

Art Direction · Sales Strategy · Analytics

The Spanish Guitar Academy is an ambitious educational project, with more than 6 years of work and more than 200 videos that help guitarists from all over the world to raise their professional level while allowing the strengthening of culture and music.


Direction and management of sales strategies through Digital Marketing

Gallardo Del Rey Ediciones

General proposal
José María Gallardo Del Rey is an artist with unusual training and musical knowledge in the world of guitar, he is the soloist most required and programmed by orchestras around the world. His training as a classical guitarist has been enriched by his intense relationship with the world of flamenco. The conjunction of both styles has created a unique way of interpreting and understand Spanish music.

01 Membership Site
Creation of a platform capable of safely managing the payments of new members, the connection with external providers (Vimeo, Stripe, Paypal, Mailchimp, etc.) and control APIs.

02 Recording
Coordination of audiovisual team prepared for the creation of new weekly content, both in the recording studio and in different locations.

03 Strategy and Action Plan
Coordination of the different actions aimed at generating new audiences and their subsequent passage through the designed sales funnel.